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Delegates from Tuskegee, Alabama pose alongside members and guests from South Berwick, Maine for a sunset photo during their visit to Maine

Uniting people across geographical and racial divides with a shared goal of moving towards a racially just and inclusive nation


To cultivate an environment for citizens of two communities, one predominantly Black and the other predominantly White, to talk, listen and engage with each other to improve and sustain better race relations.

Photo of three Common Ground Sister members from Tuskegee and two members from South Berwick
Delegates from South Berwick visit school location in Tuskegee


To get to a place in our hearts and our lives where our racial differences are celebrated, and not feared.



Experience each others' communities to gain insight into the respective cultures, traditions and perspectives.


Foster and support respectful communication about history, privilege, fear, and equity in America.


Expand our perspectives on our racial identities and different experiences as Americans.


Strive for familiarity and comfort so friendship and joy can thrive.

Photo of some group members from Tuskegee and South Berwick which was taken in front of a lighthouse on the coast of Maine

"We all should rise, above the clouds of ignorance, narrowness, and selfishness."

Booker T. Washington

Image of a newstand for The Tuskegee News


Past and present coverage of our efforts!

Color Us Connected,
a blog

Photo of South Berwick member Amy Miller and Tuskegee member Guy Trammell Jr.

Wide range of topics from the perspectives of members Amy Miller (South Berwick) and Guy Trammell Jr. (Tuskegee).

Screenshot of attendees for a virutal dialogue session.

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Come find your common ground with us and join in the dialogue to help spark change!

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